Apex Brand Collection:
Multiple Recession-Proof Revenue Streams in Just One Build-Out

Apex Brand Collection speaks volumes in your portfolio. Because when you invest in Apex you’re getting – Collective Brands. Collective Team. Collective Success.

Apex houses 7 brands out of 1 single kitchen. And we continue to add new, unique brands year after year from some of the highest grossing food niches in the nation. Get the edge in your market through deliciously complementary, non-competitive brands all designed to operate collaboratively with one centrally located kitchen space.

Our plug-and-play model is incredibly customizable. Effectively cross utilize staff, ingredients, equipment, and SKUs all while seeing some of the strongest profitability potential in the industry. Apex harnesses the power of a recession-proof ghost kitchen and the local buzz of in-person dining in one versatile model.


Each of our brands boasts a menu and voice of its own


Spitfire is better than basic. We’ve upended the typically tortilla’d wonder — the taco — and given the people something to really TACObout. Find authentically inauthentic tacos made from slow roasted meats straight from vertical rotisseries spits, encompassing the fav flavors the people want like southern fried chicken or buffalo chicken all in taco form.

Early Bird Breakfast

Firebird Breakfast Burritos

A legend in its own right, Firebird Breakfast Burritos grabs hold of the most popular meal of the day — breakfast — and serves it all day long. The brand rose from the ashes of the Covid-19 pandemic as a virtual brand born from Spitfire. Our breakfast burritos and bowls are famous no matter where we land.

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Harvey Carver

No deli meats, no shortcuts, no bull. Harvey Carver is a bold flavor explosion that transcends the traditional sandwich with chef-driven sauces and marinades combined with fresh, whole meat. We’re bringing back the bold, one sandwich at a time.

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Scotty Dogs

As a nod to our namesake, Scott Slater, Scotty Dogs was inspired by the hot dog eating champion and red hot slinger himself. Stand out with ⅓ pound all-beef franks in a natural casing with a delicious surprise in each one — cooked, crunchy bacon inside every dog.

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Head Lettuce

From healthy to hearty, Head Lettuce gives you a suite of craveable salads, bowls and sides that will delight every customer. Every salad is chopped fresh with crunchy, fresh ingredients, exceptional seasonings, and out-of-this-world toppings.

Early Bird Breakfast

Checkered Churros

Churros with a checkered twist — every churro is waffle’d, fried, coated, filled with pudding and tossed in cinnamon and sugar as its base. Then, we power up this dessert with Instagrammable toppings and syrups, creating churrific addictions and repeat clientele.

Early Bird Breakfast

Chickie Tendies

We’ve taken one of America’s faved cravings and made it even better, with chef-driven sauces that would make Chicken Little proud. The menu is incredibly simple, yet offers something for everyone.


Simple Smashed Beef Burgers. No frills. No substitutions. Just smashed beef burgers with grilled onions, sour dill pickles, government cheese, and Beefy Steve Sauce.


East Mediterranean brand that is still under development.


Apex Brand Collection was founded by longtime restaurateur, Scott Slater, who saw a chance to dive into a differentiated multibrand model never done before.

Our franchise partners must have exceptional restaurant and management experience and understand business operations.

Every one of our menus drips with flavor and our model boasts innovation.

We need franchisees who will embrace each unique brand and scale, flex, and mold with the market’s demands.

Apex Brand Collection gives you a solid investment choice full of profit wielding potential. Our team has designed an extremely versatile model with multiple revenue streams, attractive to a wide customer base.

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